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about Masha

Maria Ermolaeva, affectionately known as Masha, is the Owner and Creative Director of Bash & Design Art Studio In Las Vegas, Nevada.Born on South Sakhalin Island, located just North of Japan. At the age of 3, she moved to Siberia, Russia, with her family.

She grew up amidst a National Forest, surrounded by the majesty of Mother Nature, whose influence is still visible in her artwork. Learning to paint before she could write, it was evident from a young age that Masha had a storyteller's heart, and creativity poured freely.The village where Masha lived was an Artist hideaway. Museum-quality pieces surrounded her, inspiring her growing passion for Art.Introduced to the medium of clay modeling, Masha crafted a family of rats, then transitioned into creating miniature dolls that occupied her childhood home's entire attic. Mentored by an art teacher who was astounded by 9-year-old Masha's natural talent for artistic expression, by 12, she was applying to an Art College. Russia, under communist rule, firmly believed in education and creative endeavors, but the competition was fierce,with 10,000 applicants.Masha was their #1 choice, and she fondly recalls her audition piece was a portrait of Lenin. Who could deny 12-year-old Masha's passion for Art and pride for her country? As a business owner and young mother, Masha understood the importance of not only providing for her daughter Ekaterina, but it was also essential to inspire her. Masha's Creative fingerprints were visible in everything she did. Opening a Performance Theatre,Masha immersed herself in all art forms, from architectural concepts to painting scenery, designing and creating costumes, and coordinating all elements for one-of-a-kind fairytale-themed parties for children. Bash & Design Gallery is a thriving Art Studio conceived and Managed by Masha and her daughter Ekaterina.Art influences a child's future. Nurture children in their formative years, and they will carry the skills into adulthood.Masha, who also has a degree in childhood education, inspires her students to draw, paint,model, and sew, and her welcoming family atmosphere encourages even the most introverted students to venture outside their shells. Bonds of friendship form, and students begin to discover themselves as they perfect new skills that will affect their lives and the world around them.Art classes for your children invest in life skills that unearth new passions as they discover their untapped potential to dream, create, and design a future whose only limitation is their imagination.

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