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Sunrise Haven, an Oil Painting by Artist Masha Ermolaeva.

Updated: Mar 10

Every painting tells a story without words, comprised of images and textures

capturing a moment, a place, a time, and connecting to our deepest emotions.

Here is the story behind Sunrise Haven.

A watery haven at the day's dawning, when the sun emerges with its palate of

warmest colors after the departure of darkness. One cannot help feeling hopeful as a

new day begins, surrounded by nature's beauty, embracing life's possibilities.

But looking closely, you will discover a hidden depth amongst the grouping of trees—

a community or family of tall and healthy trees with sturdy trunks and no broken

limbs. Their reflection in the water signifies the growing family's future; the rippled

water shows how life constantly changes and is never still or predictable.

The sparkling water reflecting the first rays of the morning sun signifies an attitude of

movement, happiness, and an open-hearted playfulness.

Blending in for survival from predators, camouflaged with the colors of their

environment, we see a mother duck and her two chicks, who seem to melt into the

sunrise-colored waters, joined at the dawning of the day by the father duck, his wings

open, embracing his family.

Smaller trees in the background are a mixture of different varieties, just as our world

comprises many nationalities and species and how we can live together


On the right are two trees signifying a supportive couple, the parents, growing strong


An arch connects the banks of this watery haven. Just as people stand on the edge of

life, reaching out into unknown waters, hoping to find a shoulder to lean on. These

branches have reached out, strengthening their roots and entwined to form an Arch

connecting both banks, creating a safe nest under the yellow waking sun,

representing life's balance. The Arch could also signify God covering you from harm,

and beyond the Arch is an open space; your future is waiting.

The medium of oil painting itself is part of the painting's story. Masha takes many

months to create a piece like Sunlight Haven. Oil Painting is an extensive process;

each layer needs 4-5 days to cure and completely dry. Masha patiently adds depth

and texture to the canvas with every brush stroke. Painting is an emotional journey for

the artist and the person who views it.

A painting in your home allows you to study all the layers and decipher its meaningful

connections to your life. In this piece, you'll find the emotions of love and strength, of

nurturing and protecting your family. The fragility of our ever-changing world and the

unpredictability of life. The balance of where you belong in the universe and the

peace and fulfillment you'll experience if, like the branches, you reach across

unknown waters, feel connected to someone or something, and find your Sunrise


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